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A Mazdan Temple Re-discovered in the hill around the "ancient city of Ray belive to be from the great parthian era"

A brief history the ancient city of Ray & Tehran from the Parthian era whom over come the evil of Hellenist imposters domination, to the 1979 modern-era revolution which Iranian of many noble background over came the arabization of masses, by dividing the history of good faith in one God going to more 6.000 B.C among Hittes & medes-persian, and Christ the Messiah teaching of Kingdoom Of God on earth over all world classical to modern, the paganist-arabs with the rise of Herodian demonic order under savage roman hellenist, with their anti-divine order established by warlocks Alexander flasly called great & Marc Anthony whom burned temple of solmon, in 60 A.D era with Herod-I grandfather to esablish the demonic-order of what becomes known as the "Anti-christ" movement well before Christ birth, which lead to slaying of Christ the messiah and noble holy saints, and the weaking classical Euro-asia to great asia under the paganist order of suppression, wars for looting and mass killing, in great parthia kingdom, despite holy wars and victories over the Hellenist, roman-pagans, and herodian court in occupied Judea for the Godless paganist greed & empire, the desert arab turned aganist the holy tradition of their prophets for the looting, and mass-killing up to 6th century A.D, when God of Moses & Christ had selected a prophet among the Arab & jewish paganist as the most disobendience masses against the God, Holy father whom be gotten the Messiah Christ, Parthia of 3-Magi's and the great Phraates-IV, Sahpour-I the patron of all Christian of east & west vs the tyrants of paganist-rome, and Shapour-2nd whom revived the lost Christian-tradition vs Julian the apostate, leading to Julian slaying by Persian Archer, under a brave, faithful Mazdian-christian king Shapour-2nd, to fulfilled the promise of kingdom of God on mother-earth, the savage desert arab & the assoicates slave trade herodian-jews ploted invasion of the Holy city of Jerusalem, under former paganist Omar disguised under the banner of new Islamic faith after Islam-prophet, by a new serective anti-prophesy of the great Asia India, Chinese-Buddaha, and medes-persian Mazdian-christian tradition whon delivered these demonic desert-arab, and anti-christ herodian jews, modern-parthia Iran in modern era has up-rooted the Arabism & flase base islam sponsored & esablished by the savage rebillious against the Divine-order of One-god, and the Easter christian tradition esablished by Christ the Messiah, the Holy 3-Magi's , and noble tradition the patron saints in the east and west not the middle ages unholy bible-readers in the east and west in Europe, disguised as the agent of devils, along with savage and uninfirmed jews priests bring the flase-vision to once freed europe, by the eastern & western Christian hero's and the holy warrories army like Sahpour-I, and II, and bravest Constantine the great, whom erjected his brother in law as a darken-paganist ruling over Greeks. Arabism and flase-base islam, and disguised-demonism labled as conserative-christany will doom to it's beastic dusk sooner, or later, as arabism exported by arab-tyrant, and igonrant-turks, called the Qajar gangs & Pahlavi imposters rooted out from great-parthia Iran and their unholy rebellious agaist the noble Islamic and eastern-christian in Iran for the great revival their lost cultural traditions their association with the backward wicked savage Al saudi, and their flase ruling in free Arabia of the prophet of Islam, and saint Ali the leader, with some europian, and uniform political-factions after world war-2 in the American republic the savage-arab rulers, and disgiused enemy of Christ the Messiah, as an expanding parastic monarchal system & whom have deceived the indpendant republic of American leadership with their flase-base old tricks of 'Pay to play" for their new grand conspiracy to lure US-leadership and it's power to commit crime aganist the world nations by intervation like the ways paganist roman-herodian & neo-Nazi, and dirty marxist thugs for the bloodshed & booty for them, and poverty & misery of the world masses , helpless to make the wicked political leadership to redomiate the US, and great Europe coop for their sinful aims their wicked-thugs. By on going co-soponsoring flase base soical conflicts among the world progressive nations, with conflicts like the bibical Herodian-roman tyrants for a "perverted dooms days to come for social deprivation, hunger, and lawlessness" for the new political-mobster bosses in serective operations inside the US, Latin-america, aganist the native born and immgrants, also in the United Nation among UN-GA to obstruct aganist the other UN-members for their plots of greed & crimes?

Tehran: "Iran National Museum" Website Logon at:

Iran national Museums hold great collotions of Medes & Persian period, to the great Parthian 170 B.C to 240, and noble Sassian kingdom, and noble Islamic arts.

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